Worried about online training? Do you think it isn’t as good as live? Think again…

In this new age of the internet, we have seen online communication and training programs flourish and the reason is online ability to train has dramatically improved. There are so many ways to create compelling content and communicate that to a student. We are seeing high schools higher level college and universities all offering online training.

So why not PMU?

There seems to be a myth that online training “isn’t as good” as live especially for fundamentals. I beg to differ.
As a trainer in Master Esthetics and PMU, I have seen that online video helps students learn better. Here the top 7 reasons why you may want to move online:

1. Learning takes place with repetition. We don’t just watch something once and get it unless you have a photographic memory (rare). With PMU specifically, repetition is needed as there are kinetic physical skills that must be mastered along with theory and “book” work. Students can stop and rewind unlimited amounts of time to get that one concept. It is so much easier to have that at your whim and schedule to find the information you need at that moment to move you on to the next level. Unlimited repeats.

2. Live Classrooms have other people. When you sign up for live class there are other people. With that comes different personalities and skills sets. Although it does seem fun to partner with other newbies and there is a place for that and community support but that can happen better ONCE YOU have mastered your basics. People are distracting and slower learners can slow a class down. Online you don’t have those distractions.

3. Teachers are human. Just like you have good days and slow days so do teachers. It takes an enormous amount of energy to teach a complex class and you may get a substitute if the teacher is sick. The teacher may not be having a high energy day and miss important points. Some students pull a teacher’s attention more and away from you so group classes may decrease your ability to learn best. Online your teachers are giving the best of the best and editing out anything that was not 100%.

4. You are human. What if you sign up for this live class you must be in good mindset too. You have to show up energized focuses and stay that was of the duration of the 6 days and may miss a lot due to low energy or burn out or just life things going on. With online learning you can to miss a beat and close the computer if your energy is waning or your focus is low.  Take a walk, reboot, and then sit for the next lesson better retention. You can learn if you are sick in bed, late at night, 6 am whenever it works around YOU.

5. Zoomed in details. We have all been to classes where the trainers starts a live demo and everyone is cramming in with phones to try to record every snippet when you play it back you see you missed a lot and hear distracting conversations maybe your phone dropped or you ran out of space to keep recording. Also you cannot see the best even with video help at the event there are simply too many distractions to absorb you can do so much better in your own private learning space and see detail you could never get in live demos. See greater details and be able to slow it down to not miss a beat.

6. Technology is so advanced. We can see a match light from outer space. Our technology has grown so much that you can Universities have now moved to virtual human anatomy lessons everything is virtual. No more cadavers and time spend in smelling labs. We can see inside the human body to the molecule. You can learn PMU online easy with technology so advanced now on your phone and any device. Learn anywhere, anytime.

7. Support is everywhere. Support is Global. You can get feedback, support, mentorship, and ongoing education training globally now. There are millions of free Facebook support mentorship groups for PMU artist to ask questions after training to keep learning It is the Online apprenticeship program

There is no reason now at all why you cannot learn everything you need to with compelling online training.

Then go to live events and organizations events to have fun and interact. Use both to help you grow your skills and business!

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