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Dawn Hunter,our Founder, brings over a decade of experience and a natural eye for design to VINE.

There is no other program that combines solid foundations  with PMU training and services like the VINE brand. Top quality and saftey are assured in both your services and training.

“We are in the confidence business” —  Dawn Hunter 


We bring more confidence to our clients by enhancing features based on art principles. We bring more confidence to our students, showing them that they can provide master skills to their clients in turn.

Dawn Hunter  DC, Master’s in Esthetician, PMU Artist & trainer and former  and is a 10X Certified  PMU artist and trainer

Vine Studios:

PMU Client Services

Clients can be assured that a VINE-certified PMU artist has completed 7 levels of skills tests for basic techniques. Advanced services have an even more rigorous training and you can identify the level by certification.

Check our directory to find a Certified Artist in your area along with booking at our HQ with Dawn Hunter ME PMU herself.

Experience what beauty truly means at Vine Studios

Our skilled team offers a speCodectrum of services, including:


Achieve the perfect arch with microblade, ombre, and fusion brow techniques.


Define your eyes with precision through our expertly applied eyeliner styles.


Add allure and definition with our specialized lip blush services.

Scars &

Conceal imperfections with mastery, addressing scars, trauma, pigment loss, and stretch marks.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Rediscover your confidence with our cutting-edge solutions for hair loss.


Enhance and refine the areola with artistic customized services.

Vine Studios is your destination for confidence,
enhancement, and empowerment.

Explore beauty beyond boundaries at Vine Studios. Discover our transformative permanent makeup services and learn more about our PMU training programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By Our Clients

Yes, when performed by skilled professionals in a clean and regulated environment, permanent makeup is considered safe! At Vine Studios, our team prioritizes hygiene and follows industry best practices to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Results typically last 1-3 years depending on factors like skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare. We can discuss this further with you if you have any questions regarding the duration of your specific cosmetic.

Discomfort varies by individual, but we often used numbing creams to minimize any pain during the procedure.

Healing time varies but typically takes 5-10 days, with minor swelling and redness initially.

While permanent makeup is long-lasting, it can be removed or adjusted through procedures like laser tattoo removal.

Vine PMU Academy:

Student Training

Great decision to learn more about becoming a VINE-certified PMU artist.

You probably have a lot of questions and our goal here is to help you feel the experience, trust the training, and know you are in good hands. If there is anything we haven’t covered here our student services pro will go into more detail and you can also join our free Facebook group for students.

Enter your info here to get a link to our Facebook group, 7 Steps to Learn as a PMU artist, and you get a $500.00 credit voucher.

Why Become
Vine Certified?

You can be practicing within 6 months with a 6-figure career doing something you love, making more money, and building your own business.

Our Proven
successful PMU Training programs

Drilled down to the essentials, you need to get licensed and launched faster with our proven system of training, coaching, and business accelerator you can be in business in as little as 6 months. Now we require that you pass through the 7 steps to Success with our coaches and have over 100hours of drills and skills in including practice drills, mapping and design and passing levels to Pearl Certifcation. 

It isn’t easy. With commitment and focus you can achieve PMU artist basic level in 6 months but some taking longer and that is ok. It is meant to be paced for busy people that often have other careers.

Dawn Hunter DC, Master Esthetician, PMU Artist. 

. Our program is here to  provide you with the fastest yet competent route to a new career in PMU. We use a wrap-around system that fits your unique lifestyle whether you are full-time working or can devote full-time to this we have a method to help you achieve this goal.

Look at our overview here and then click on the links to “see under the hood” and get a feel for how it all works and hear from our students.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your skills, Vine Studios offers a wide range of courses meant to aid you in your PMU journey:

100-Hour Fundamentals of PMU Training Course

50-Hour Fundamentals of Eyebrows Certification Training

50-Hour Fundamentals of Eyeliner and Lips

Scar and Trauma Training Course

of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Advanced Training (Brow, Eyeliner, Lip)

PMU Profit Academy

Whether you’re a budding artist or a seasoned professional, our programs cater to all levels, providing hands-on experience and expert guidance.
Enroll now and redefine your artistic future!

Here’s What Our Students Have To Say

About Our Training Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

By Our Students

Curious about the world of permanent cosmetics and our training programs at Vine Studios?

Here are some common questions we’ve answered for our students:

Good question. It is a choice.  We are one of the only programs accredited with DVR (they do extensive background checks), tribal nations, Boeing, and other programs that require a full background check and compliance.
 Our program is led by Dawn Hunter DC, a Master esthetician, PMU Artist who is also a leader in the industry with 10 years of advanced PMU Master level experience.

She designed the program based on university-level training and is made for those artists who seriously want to be the best and most confident in the industry

Yes. We have students across the USA who, with our proven system of training, can do this fully online.

How? We use Practice drills at home on fake skin. You also have live coaching with your virtual coaching “in the room” so she can be “standing there with you” with the incredible 3D robotic cameras we have. You can also opt to add in a live class anytime. We also show you how to work on live models with instructor “ZOOM WITH YOU”.

That is entirely up to you. We can train you to be a confident artist and to have business skills but you get what you put into it.

Most artists charge $350-750 on up per service and overhead is very low compared to other beauty businesses we teach you all that with “Business in a Box” in The Profit Academy and even can run your lead gen to get new clients teaching you how to book them, sell and upsell.

Enrolling in a Vine Studios training program is easy. Simply visit our website, navigate to the Training section, choose your desired course, and follow the enrollment instructions. If you have further questions, our team is here to assist you.
Absolutely! We encourage clients and aspiring artists to schedule consultations. This lets us understand your needs, answer any questions, and ensure you’re well-informed before embarking on your beauty journey or training program.

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