Post-Graduate Learning Opportunities

Graduates of VINE Academy have access to further training opportunities with Dawn Hunter. These extra sessions are designed to help you improve your craft and continue to gain experience alongside an industry expert.

  • Advanced Training

  • Online Training

  • One-on-One Training

You can book an hour-long Skype, phone or text session every month with Dawn to review your work, ask questions or get advice from a personal permanent makeup guru. These sessions are ideal for sending photos for feedback, walking through techniques over video chat or discussing entrepreneurship tactics.

Dawn also offers individual in-person training sessions at her normal service rates. Bring along your model, then work together or observe as Dawn walks through the live procedure with you. This option is especially helpful for students who need extra clarification or an up-close tutorial before striking out on their own.

And don’t forget: you also have exclusive, unlimited access to VINE Academy’s online training videos! Use these as a refresher whenever you need them.

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Post-Graduate Elevation Program

Even after you graduate from our Fundamental and Advanced programs, you can be part of the VINE community: Our Five Post-Grad Elevation Levels keep you moving up in skill and success! You can achieve each level by continuing to submit your work for review after you complete our training courses. Benefits include higher rates, increased skill level and an official listing on our website.

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