Vine Studios

“It is important for any PMU artist trained by me to be the best. They need to be skilled in handling any type of clients walking in the door and be able to make choices based on fundamental training that empowers them to be the best, safest and confident PMU Artist.” – Dawn Hunter

Dr Dawn hunter

Doctor of chiropractic, Master esthetician, Cosmetic Tattoo Trainer Artist

Dawn Hunter comes from a long lineage of artists. Her grandmother being an accomplished artist in Hungary, she inherited a natural eye for design and color. Adding in her over 12 years of Master Skin care experience as Director of Esthetics at a Seattle Medspa this profession is the perfect fit. Dawn trained with many master artist and tattooists holding many certifications.

“I like to think of all the different techniques we use in PMU as our brushes to the canvas, only our canvas is skin and our brushes are tattoo machines. We are creating art on the face.”

Dawn attended OFarrell High school for the arts and had a scholarship to attend a prestigious art college but decided that she had a preference for other ares and wanted art to be her love not a job, until she discovered permanent cosmetics. Her background in broadcast journalism also makes Dawn a natural in front of the camera and she has hosted Radio and TV shows. Published in magazines and is a sought after motivational speaker for women in business.

Dawn Hunter is the director of VINE Training Academy and oversees the rigorous training program. She offers services in her Maple Valley private studio.

about vine

VINE Studios is the service division of VINE Beauty Academy. Dr Dawn been in the beauty arena for over 15 years with tri licensure in natural health care, Master Esthetics laser and Light and Cosmetic Tattoo artistry and training.

” I have been transforming faces since I was in highschool with drawing and painting I love the challenge of bringing out the beauty of a clients features based on artist, color and light bounce. This is a professional I never find a boring day, always a new challenge.”- Dr Dawn

Dr Dawn is a licensed entrepreneur with many successful business start-ups, creating and branding in the beauty arena. Her ability to build from concepts to real life in a short time are some of the many skills she trains and helps others create.

Are just a few of the courses she offers along with route skills in PMU.

VINE training academy

“It takes more than being a well-trained artist to be a successful business owner. There are many facets of life that must be grown.”  -Dawn Hunter

VINE Permanent Cosmetic Academy is one of the most respected permanent makeup schools in the industry located in Maple Valley, WA at Dawn’s place called “The Ranch.” Dawn moved her training facility to a gorgeous ranch in Washington state where not only can you train but also be in a natural enriched environment surrounded by horses, maple trees and open space. Dawn has put together a very impressive, comprehensive, practical and hands-on training program which she updates constantly. We care about our students and their futures in this industry.

Dawn brings her background as a Master Esthetician and medical training to infuse her training program with a deeper level of core foundations.