Eyeliner frames the “windows to the soul.”

There are many options are available for permanent eyeliner tattoos from soft subtle eyelash enhancements to full thick dramatic winged eyeliner. The final choice of permanent eyeliner tattoo depends on your personality, lifestyle, and of course the aesthetics of the entire facial structure.

what to expect

The goal with eyeliner is to make the eye color “pop” and the eye shape be open and inviting to look at. Eyes come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. It is important to customize the eyeliner to each eye as eyes have subtle differences and are not perfectly symmetrical. In fact, most faces have some asymmetry. We will find these differences during the  consultation phase and alter the design to make the liner look as even as possible on the face and create the most beautiful frame for one of my favorite features, the eyes.

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permanent makeup for eyes

Options to consider when deciding on eyeliner are:

Style, color, and shape.
Do you want an actual “make up” look or just a “natural” enhancement?
Is the lower liner important does it make you feel finished?

Why permanent makeup eyeliner?

Topical makeup sensitivity and allergies
Active lifestyle, athletic
Busy, no time
Hard to see any longer takes to much time and uneven application
Less things to worry about, no smearing or washing off

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Types of Permanent Eyeliner techniques

Natural lash

Shadow Fade

Shadow Fade

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