Eyebrows frame our faces in so many ways they have actually done a study on how eyebrows affect our personality. Eyebrows are a major form of communication from you to others in your world and having the best shape will ensure that you are engaging the way you want to.

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Dawn Hunter uses her art and technical skills to customize your brow design. Utilizing the Leonardo Da Vinci method of artistic measurements, the face will tell us the perfect brows. Dawn does not use pre-made stencils and makes sure to even our imperfect imbalance. Human faces are not even or perfect, but we work our hardest to give you the most perfect brow for you.

During the process, Dawn will measure, draw and take photos. You will be able to see your brow design prior and approve before any service is started. Color options are tested and you will feel fully confident in your outcome as you relax into the service.

Using topical anesthetics creates a calm and relaxing process. Two hours later, you will have your new brows.

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permanent makeup for brows

We offer consultations via phone and text you can send or email a photo of you that is private and Dawn can consult you on options before booking. If you want to move forward the consultation is also included in the service price. To save you time we do not offer in-person consultations only as the design work involved is quite a process so we save it for the treatment day.

The time is exclusively yours in a private studio with focuses attention YOU.

See our Maple Valley studio at The Ranch. Dawn has her studio on her Ranch in Maple Valley providing a country atmosphere with trees birds and relaxing sounds of the country for her clients. You may see a horse or two on your drive in.

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Types of Permanent Eyebrow Techniques


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