scars & Trauma

Dawn Hunter has advanced medical esthetics and experience with laser scar treatment to assist you in minimizing the effects of scars and trauma on the skin. Burns and scars can create a “rubber tire” effect to the skin making it very difficult to penetrate with traditional permanent cosmetics. Trust the expert.

medical aesthetics

Medical Micropigmentation is a specialty facet of the tattoo industry.  The art of tattoo can cover up, mimic and/or give off an illusion to address a host of issues that patients become concerned with. There are an infinite number of applications for medical micropigmentation with each presented case requiring its own meticulous plan and approach. Due to this, it is critical that the medical micropigmentation artist be extensively experienced and skilled.

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medical aesthetics

Post surgical treatments often include, but are not limited to, repigmenting the areola, restoring the look of a cleft palate lip, or camouflaging an incision scar.  Other examples of medical micropigmentation could be to address birth defects, hyper- and hypo-pigmentation such as is seen with vitiligo or that caused by a dermal condition or injury, scalp micropigmentation where an injury has affected hair growth, tattooing eyebrows or an eyelash enhancement for trichotillomania (hair pulling) patients, and evening out skin tone following gender confirmation surgery.

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Types of medical micropigmentation

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