Eyebrow gallery

Every eyebrow is custom designed by color, style and corrections to create the most vibrant, youthful and perfect look for your individual vibe. Dawn Hunter “Just like fingerprints, no two eyebrows are exactly the same”

Designer eyeliner

The eyes are the tell the story of YOU. With our variety of custom eyeliner we can create uplift, correct imbalance and frame. The beauty of eyeliner is the longevity and ease.

medical micropigmentation gallery

Serving the community of Scar, Trauma and Restoration is so important to our artists. Helping other regain confidence fills our hearts with joy. Years of talent and experience go into complex cosmetic tattoo and often requires mutliple sessions to adjust and blend. Be patient with the results they are worth it.

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scalp micropigmentation gallery

We like to say this is literally the “topping on the cake” but honestly hair loss is a very personal experience. SMP techniques simulates density and variety of looks to help permanently regain our clients confidence and fit into an active lifestyle. Every service is customized in color, blends and saturation.

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