They say the eyes are the window to the soul and nothing frames that window better than gorgeous eyeliner. Many clients choose permanent cosmetics for eyeliner for a variety of reasons.

  1. Time. Saves time to wake up and go.
  2. Lifestyle. Athletes, yoga practitioners, swimmers, runners may save time from applying their makeup before and after their activities.
  3. Allergies. Topical makeup is packed full of allergens and many people are very sensitive to additives in mascara and eyeliner
  4. Age. Older clients can’t see well enough any longer to put eyeliner on even or in the fashion they like.
  5. Eyelash thinning. Eyelashes look fuller and more lush with permanent eyeliner placed in-between the lashes.

Does it hurt?

Good question. Eyeliner procedures should not feel painful but a bit of “tickle feel” or “scratchy” is common.  There is training involved with effective numbing topically and a well-trained technician should have the best numbing agents and understand how to layer numbing safely for the eye area.

Is it safe?

Permanent eyeliner procedure is very safe with a well-trained tech. Everything is sterile and disposable to reduce any infection risks. The pigments are inert and do not cause any reactions with the majority of clients. Permanent cosmetics is actually safer that topical makeup as we implant the color in sterile procedure into the skin and it does not have the ability to cause a surface reaction or irritation.

How long does it last?

Just like any tattoo, it can fade with time. The eyeliner area tends to hold better due to lack of UV radiation that occurs in other areas. The color can shift but tends to hold well in the eye area.

What kind of colors can you use?

Whatever a client likes we can do. From traditional black liner to espresso browns, coal grey, steel time and forest greens. We also can create a powdery look with shadow fades.

What about aftercare? Can I work after?

Permanent cosmetics can cause minor swelling after treatment that is normal. The eyes can feel a bit dry or tacky after from the anesthetics and wiping. Most clients can go back to work the next day but there can be swelling for up to 24 hours so best to plan accordingly.

Aftercare what do I do?

Aftercare is pretty simple for the eye area. Leave it alone. Do not touch or rub the eyes there is no need for aftercare ointment as the eye areas tears have natural antibiotic properties.No makeup for one week and cleaning all the makeup currently in use.

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