Buyer beware is often the words chimed to many unknowing clients that have undergone a botched beauty service. We have all seen this on the news and online post about beauty disasters and the popularity of shows like “Botched” about plastic surgery gone wrong. What about the story of the unlicensed injector that was offering Brazilian butt injections using silicon bought at Home Depot. Enough to make you cringe. Now we have a new service that is booming; Microblading. Microblading utilizes a small micro blade tool to etch into the skin pigment with the goal of looking like realistic designer eyebrows. When done well the results are gorgeous but buyer beware so here are the top 5 must know before signing up for a Microblade service.

  1. Artists License. Most states require a license in tattoo or permanent cosmetics. Check to see if they have an active up to date license and do a quick search with the department of licensing to see if there are any alerts. The states with no licensing are few but Idaho is one so you will need to start with number two.
  2. Up to date Gallery of photos. Ask to view the artist gallery of up to date photos and not just the ones posted on line you want to see a variety of styles and client skin types, age and shape. Make sure you like what you see.
  3. Reviews Look up the local reviews to get the over all sense of this artist. You want to focus on reviews about the service not about if the phone wasn’t answered in time or booking issues really you want to see if their work has good reviews. Look at Yelp, Google and Facebook.
  4. Experience. There are providers for all types and if you are willing to see a newer tech for reduced price know that it can take longer and like any new provider may not be perfect. If you prefer experience and price is not a concern then go with experience at least 4-5 years in practice to charge top Master pricing is fair. Then again some new techs can have a great natural ability but if your case has challenges sign up with a Master.
  5. Price You get what you pay for and this rings true in Microblading and Permanent Cosmetics. This is your face you are allowing someone to tattoo so you want talent. Talent does not come cheap. Pay the price for good work and you will have a great experience. Fixing botched work is very expensive and time-consuming, emotionally taxing and can lead to permanent damage so get it done right the first time.

Remember you can save money on a pair of shoes, hair cut or clothing but pay a good price for Microblading this is your face after all.

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