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Brows Turning Gray and Other Healing Conundrums in Permanent Cosmetics

The scenario goes like this: You recently had a beautiful microblade eyebrow session and love the new look. In this scenario, you were clearly informed that in the first week of the healing process, the results can shift into darker color before shedding the outer “bandaid.” A few weeks later you notice some gaps in […]

Top 5 Must Knows to Avoid Microblade Disasters

Buyer beware is often the words chimed to many unknowing clients that have undergone a botched beauty service. We have all seen this on the news and online post about beauty disasters and the popularity of shows like “Botched” about plastic surgery gone wrong. What about the story of the unlicensed injector that was offering Brazilian butt […]

Your Brow Pencil Works Just Fine, so Why Consider Microblading?

“Is it worth it?” is a question that invariably comes up with the topic of permanent makeup. If you’re considering permanent makeup, you might be a beauty enthusiast already — you may have a treasure trove of favorite products or a beloved morning routine. You’ve spent time and money on your makeup already, so why […]

Permanent Cosmetics Best Brows: Which Technique?

Eyebrows. Searching for the perfect brow can lead you down a rabbit hole of products. Powders, brushes, creams, fake hair and more. Eventually, the frustration combined leads many clients to a permanent cosmetics tech. The hope is to leave with the perfect brow set. Permanent cosmetics have come a long way. We have seen new […]

5 Top Things You Must Know about the Healing Process in Permanent Cosmetics

Our skin is our canvas in permanent cosmetics. Our skin is a live organ that can change with seasons, health, age, and environment. Many clients have the notion that permanent cosmetics is much like make up and should behave the same way. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are the top 5 things you […]