Eyebrows. Searching for the perfect brow can lead you down a rabbit hole of products. Powders, brushes, creams, fake hair and more. Eventually, the frustration combined leads many clients to a permanent cosmetics tech. The hope is to leave with the perfect brow set. Permanent cosmetics have come a long way. We have seen new innovation, techniques, colors and equipment to create the most realistic and designer brows since inception. It is a fantastic time to be creating eyebrows. Many techniques are options now and it can seem overwhelming in deciding what is best.

1. Microblading: Utilizes a manual tool technique with fine-tuned mini blades that allow the tech to create realistic hair strokes without a machine. Microblading is the best choice for precision hair strokes. Options can be full creation brows, or Fusion.

Best choice: For brows that already have a bit of fullness but lacking in definition.

2. Solid “Vintage” brow: Solid or what I like to call Vintage brows are a classic solid creation that resembles much of the glamor days where the look was to look made up. Solid brows do not look like real brows at all there is no hair strokes or texture, they are meant to be solid looking.
Best choice: Solid is an excellent choice for clients that have a retro, vintage or prefer a more made up look. Solid brows do require more touch-ups if there is no brow hair from the client.

3. Powder: Powder brows utilizes the same technique as solid with a different needle choice to create a softer powdery look. The edges are softer.

Best Choice: Full brows or thinning brows can benefit from the powder. Creating a fuller look and not require as many touch ups as the solid as the powder edge lends to a softer fade look.

4. Ombre: Ombre is like a solid brow combined with a powder brow. Much like the hair trend of Ombre color this is meant to create a fade out look closer to the head of the brow with a solid tail.

Best Choice: Full creation, Fusion or to add onto the already full natural brow. Front can fade fast so touch-ups are a bit more frequent.

5. Micro blade Fusion: This brow combines a soft powder or Ombre with microblading. Best choice for a client that has absolutely no brows yet would like a moderately natural look.

Best Choice: Full creation needs. No brows at all and designer look with a natural finish.

In summary, there are many choices and colors to choose from and working as a team with your tech is the most important.

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