“Is it worth it?” is a question that invariably comes up with the topic of permanent makeup. If you’re considering permanent makeup, you might be a beauty enthusiast already — you may have a treasure trove of favorite products or a beloved morning routine. You’ve spent time and money on your makeup already, so why go permanent?

For VINE Studios and our clients, the answer is simple: permanent makeup can accomplish so much more than temporary products. In the long run, it really can save you time and money. And more importantly, it can transform aspects of your appearance that a daily makeup routine can’t change; this is exceptionally true when it comes to your eyebrows. Despite the multitude of eyebrow products on the market — brushes, powders, pencils and gels — achieving full, natural-looking brows that complement your face can be on par with finding the Holy Grail.

You may have inherited thin brows from your parents, or over-plucked for too long. You may have a scar or a patch that refuses to grow regardless of how many serums you’ve tried. Your brows might be naturally slightly uneven, poorly defined or very light in color. Even if you’ve found a way to work around these issues with a pencil or pomade, the results are often underwhelming or inconsistent.


Permanent eyebrow makeup like microblading can make a remarkable difference: it does more than simply cover up existing concerns. Microblading can fundamentally correct sparse brow shapes and fill patchy areas, using superfine strokes that mimic the texture of real hair. The result is full, well-defined and natural-looking brows that last years instead of hours. It saves you the cost and sanity of endlessly searching for the perfect brow product and technique, and gives you the ability to wake up every day with the brows you’ve always wanted. Sure, your brow pencil works just fine, but why settle? Permanent makeup techniques like microblading are a cut above.

Permanent makeup professionals are also trained to give you brows that suit your face perfectly. Especially at VINE, we teach our artists the fundamentals of beauty and design above all else. With microblading, you can get brows that balance your facial features and achieve visual symmetry — this is a daunting task to perform on a daily basis since it requires precise mapping and is often best accomplished with advanced makeup skills. If you want optimally contoured brows but don’t have the natural fullness to pluck or wax into any shape, permanent makeup like microblading can make your dream brows a reality.

If your hesitation stems from health and safety concerns, VINE Studios is here to soothe those worries. We use brand new, sterilized and sealed sets of microblades for every client, and top-quality numbing medications to ensure that you won’t feel anything — anything, that is, except great about your new brows. Contact us today to learn more about our microblading and other permanent makeup services.

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